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Pearl flower manufacturers for you to explain the reasons for the formation of water spots

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Pearl flower because of its abundant reserves and mining easy, so its price is very low, suitable for large area paved in stone which belongs to a real cheap products. It can be widely used in the municipal building, plaza paved road road calculus, the building's staircase, floor and so on.
1. Pearl Flower directly or indirectly with water or damp conditions attached. For example, some wet ground adjacent to each other and the walls of the South, often near water or leaking parts, etc. can often be seen near the stone rock crevice Blot wet surface.
2. The mineral water spots by bumalda reason itself forms Apart bumalda itself contains some soluble salts and chemically unstable substances, some internal pearl flowers also contain inclusions, such inclusions in the rock formation process The "capture" foreign substances that may exist in gaseous, liquid or solid form. When the rock cut, which some will gradually spread to form a scar, but some scars darker color so that local, much like water Wet marks.
3. Because pearl flowers inside or surface micro pore contain certain salts or bases. These salts or bases are often spent with pearl surface moisture evaporation, constantly replenish the subsequent moisture out while the saline concentrate after pasting in the surface layer of pearl flower water salinity plaque formation there are two types, one is some deliquescent salt or base, they have a low vapor pressure, it will be absorbing part with the outside world until it reaches equilibrium vapor pressure while additional pressure pearl flower microporosity disturbs the balance even more in favor of more moisture absorption, so no matter what the weather outside, surface water pearl flowers always can do. The other is some salt crystals translucent, they occupy In pearl flower microporous gap, surface reflectance of light changes, looks like a pearl floral crude moistened.
4. has dried water spots similar to imprinting. Causes or wet paste, or have water seepage, or under the decorative surface moisture, humidity, or other reasons, such as viscosity immersed pearl flower decorative surface a region in the wet state in a long time. The wet surface is more easily absorbed than the dry surface dust, dirt absorbed over a period of time will penetrate the surface of the micropores pearl flowers, even though the entire surface decoration done by sewage manifested matter imprinted will leave water spots.
  This is why water pearl flower plaque formation, we hope you find this helpful news, more exciting you need to focus on, according to our site at the same time we need to welcome you to contact us and look forward to your visit.
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