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Pearl Flower Stone conservation cycle

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Pearl flower because of its abundant reserves and mining easy, so its price is very low, suitable for large area paved in stone which belongs to a real cheap products. It can be widely used in the municipal building, plaza paved road road calculus, the building's staircase, floor and so on. Xiao Bian today to introduce you to the conservation of stone pearl flower cycle.
     1. preventive maintenance, the use of high permeability sealant to protect the stone house, suitable indoor walking stone well-off entrance matting, understand chemistry and procedures stone.
2. Maintain, fiber dust mop drag clean - the mop to clean - with a wet mop or auto scrub - with epoxy or glue clean up potholes and cracks, timely wipe excess material to prevent corrosion and staining.
3. repair, diamond grinding tools for stone surfaces undergoing renovation. Such as the elimination of scratches, eliminate wear - deep clean burning face, or pores on the ground floor.
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