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Approach pearl flower stone facades pollution

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Pearl Flower facades pollution treatment methods can be used off the forest, these stone special cleaning agent can penetrate the pores within the complete removal of pollution, and will not harm the stone. If you want to prevent the stone once again been contaminated, it can in Stone cleaned,
      In the case of the stone surface is dry, then work together as a protective treatment, the protective agent commonly used in a guest Po Lin KL10829 waterproof wall, KL10849 stone protective agent such permeability, which can penetrate the stone house two Protectant form a protective layer, a waterproof, anti-pollution, prevent efflorescence, rust spots, anti-oil, weathering, aging, acid, anti-stains caused by tea stains, cola, soy sauce and other effects, and can effectively control Bai Hua generation without compromising the original permeability of stone, usually just water wipe cleaning effect can be achieved without the use of other cleaning agents.
    This is the pearl flower stone facades pollution treatment, we wholeheartedly serve the customer, will be your ideal choice if you need to contact us, and we look forward to your visit.
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