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Pearl flower manufacturers introduced four kinds of pearl flower waist style

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Pearl flower because of its abundant reserves and mining easy, so its price is very low, suitable for large area paved in stone which belongs to a real cheap products. It can be widely used in the municipal building, plaza paved road road calculus, the building's staircase, floor, etc., today pearl flower manufacturers to introduce you to the four kinds of pearl flower waist style.
1. Space tricks: at once, horizontal waistline has always been; but in a lot of decoration this year, the waistline plan will break the routine, go vertical road; relative horizontal waistline, the vertical waist line in the line will be even more circulation, and to save more data than the horizontal waistline; and in the selection of striped pattern, bright, engaging, but also has a modern civilized taste or vertical waist is the best selection;
2. Quartet waist: In addition to the above mirror surrounded by several paste method, there are many waistline has conceived paste method, along around the mirror mount, so that the mirror frame and the wall can have a cooperative; Space feeling increasingly common coordination;
3. fine waist: elegant and delicate size common, uniform, is used to regulate demand laying stone; traditional waist are rectangular tile, except for changing the pattern, no other change in the perception, thin small-scale waist planning, gradually showing all these years in the fashion of the new sideways; waist line, waist with both able and general use, but also to use alone;
4. coarse type waist: Winning streak delicate personality and favorite relative, like a large colorful patterns also have a personalized selection, alternative Motif waist with a large area, in addition to the impact of more intense than the pattern, not the same as the assembly method can also brighten; according to the preferences of use, selection is not the same stone pearl flowers, permutations and combinations to make art, to create a personalized plan.
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