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Gold Ma

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  • 公司名称: 龙口市吉祥石材厂
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Gold Ma details
Ma gold granite, gold linen excellent quality, surface finish, corrosion-resistant acid, hardness density, high iron content, non-radioactive, yellow-gray color noble ,, a spreading ash pits, and the color comparison therefore called Ma Huang gold. Gold Ma Shandong most famous. Stone Type: Granite (Granite), commonly known as Chinese gold linen.
Granite structure is dense, hard, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance, long-term outdoor use. Features Benefits granite also include high load resistance, compressive strength and good ductility grinding, it is easy to cut, shape, you can create a thin slab, etc., can be made into a variety of surface effects - polished, honed, fine grinding, fire, waterjet processing and sandblasting. Generally used for floors, stairs, base, still, cornices, etc., used for interior and exterior walls, floors, cylinders and other decorations.
Gold Stone is made from natural hemp culture stone reprocessed made with natural materials, bright crystal clear, hard permanent, elegant, freezing tolerance. Stone in a wet state, can resist freezing and thawing without significant damage occurred. Gold hemp compressive strength due to the mineral composition, crystalline thickness, angle and other factors uniformity, load size, load effects and cleavage formed by cementing substance, vary. If other conditions are the same, generally small crystalline particles bonded together with each other dense material, having a higher strength. Gold Ma compact structure, hard texture, acid resistance, weather resistance, long-term outdoor use.
High load resistance, compressive strength and good ductility grinding, it is easy to cut, shape, you can create a large sheet panels. Ma gold stone can make buildings appear ancient natural, dignified luxury, greatly improving the quality of the building can be processed into a variety of processes multiple profiles, decorative building internal and external walls, floors, countertops, etc. are used. Decorative effect solemn rich, magnificent, known as the "Golden House," said.

Gold Ma产品热销城市:山东,烟台,莱州,龙口,招远
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