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Fire board

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Fire board details
Fire board is the granite surface with a liquid gas and oxygen through a high-temperature flame burnt, due to the different thermal differential expansion, the formation of slightly uneven surface like litchi same effect, non-slip effect.
Fire board - a granite processing method, the first natural granite sawn lumber, beginning on the plate surface after grinding, after the beginning of the mill on the holder, and then the surface after grinding early flame burners characterized in that acetylene flame burner, oxygen, lance, flame uniformly moving on the plate, the moving speed is 120 to 250 mm per second, from the gun port plate surface 20 to 40 mm, and to each other inclination, the flame temperature is 800 ~ 1000 ℃, front burner flame spraying water on the plate first (prevent burning flame burner plates, water heated evaporation endothermic).
Processed by this method exposed granite stone material qualities, with simple, rugged, natural feeling strong.
Igneous granite belongs, by underground magma intrusion cooling and crystallization of granitic and metamorphic rocks like. The crystal structure has a visible and texture. It consists of feldspar (usually potash feldspar and oligoclase) and quartz, mixed with a small amount of mica (biotite or muscovite) and trace minerals, such as: zircon, apatite, magnetite, ilmenite and sphene and so on. Granite main component is silicon dioxide, in an amount of about 65% -85%. The chemical properties of granite was acidic. Typically, white or gray granite slightly, due to mixing with dark crystal, with the appearance of spots, feldspar join makes it red or flesh-colored. Granite magma cooled slowly from crystal formation, deep below the surface, when the cooling rate is unusually slow, it forms a very rough texture of granite, known as crystalline granite.
Due to the special conditions of the granite formation and structural characteristics of the firm, it has the following unique features:
(1) has a good decorative performance, applicable in public places and outdoor decor.
(2) has excellent processing performance: sawing, cutting, grinding, drilling and carving. Its processing accuracy of 0.5μm or less, the luminosity of 1600 or more.
(3) wear resistance, and 5-10 times higher than cast iron.
(4) thermal expansion coefficient is small, easy to distort, and indium steel similar, very slightly affected by temperature.
(5) an elastic modulus higher than that of cast iron.
(6) rigidity, large internal damping, 15 times bigger than steel. Can shock, shock absorption.
(7) granite brittle, damaged after only a partial loss, does not affect the overall flatness.
Chemical properties (8) granite stable, easy to weathering, to acid, alkali erosion and corrosive gases, proportional to their chemical nature and silica content, the service life of up to 200 years.
(9) granite is not conductive, non-magnetic field is stable.
Flamed with traditional machine section has the following advantages:
1. The effect of wild, uninhibited and no lack of sophistication, used as a stone hanging atmospheric sounding more contemporary works;
2. Shop for high ground municipal gardens, good non-slip effect, creating a courtyard deep, Suzhou beautiful human landscape, revealing the historical and cultural background;
3. The thickness of the plate no limitations.
Burning surface flooring is mainly used for municipal projects (such as sidewalks, squares, residential landscaping), in order to slip stone machine section will form a "bold outline of burned face" with a high temperature fire deal. Burning surface can also be used outside dry hanging drywall.
Construction deployment:
Project Example: sidewalk pavement and platform deck. Stone specifications: Sesame gray granite fire boards (49.7 * 29.7 * 24.7 * 6 * 6,29.7), sesame black granite fire boards (49.7 * 29.7 * 6), sesame gray granite slab Blind (29.7 * 29.7 * 6) and sesame seeds Gray blind spot plate (29.7 * 29.7 * 6).
The main construction material, equipment:
1, the material
Cement: general use 32.5 slag cement, cement approach should be product certification and factory inspection report, after entering the response strength, stability and other necessary performance indicators retest sample, its quality must be consistent with existing national standards, "Universal Portland Cement" GB175 -2007, etc. requirements.
When there is doubt the quality of cement or cement factory more than three months prior to use must be re-examination, according to the results of the use of re-examination. Different varieties of cement should not be mixed.
Water: Drinking water should be used. When other sources of water, the water quality standards should be consistent with the provisions of the existing home "concrete mixing water standards" JGJ63-2006's.
Sand: should adopt the hard, clean coarse sand, over 5mm aperture sieve, sand clay content does not exceed 3%. Sand variety, quality should be consistent with current national standards, "building sand GB14684-2001", JGJ52-2006 "ordinary concrete sand, stone quality standards and test methods" requirements, after entering the required sampling test pass. Concrete test execution GB / T 50081-2002 "ordinary concrete mechanical performance test method standards."
2, equipment
Foot level, on foot, foot box, construction lines, plastic hammer, small carts, shovel, cutting machines, mortar mixer and so on.
Note (usually say is singeing stone fire board)

Fire board产品热销城市:山东,烟台,莱州,龙口,招远
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