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Stair treads

  • 产品名称: Stair treads
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  • 公司名称: 龙口市吉祥石材厂
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Stair treads are a family temperament performance. Many kinds of stone, building materials available on the market today are mainly Zhaoyuan stone granite, marble, slate. Among granite, marble maximum usage. Granite is magmatic and metamorphic rock consisting mainly of silicate minerals mining, processing out of decorative stone, which is characterized by high hardness, wear resistance, acid corrosion, small changes in the pattern, you can fight strong, absorbent of small. Marble with various types of carbonate or carbonate of magnesia-based, its soft texture, color purity, the individual has a pattern, full of decorative, better water absorption. Granite Shandong area dominated mainly pearl flowers, we have to do we must first distinguish stone classification.
Then consumers can according to their preferences, according to the purposes and furniture, appliances and other factors put the room to a reasonable choice of different textures, colors, size of the stone. In general, the ground decoration, living room, dining room, kitchen granite relatively appropriate to the color you want deeper, to prevent staining juice, tea drinks, fruit juices and the like. In the home, the living room and bedroom decor should use warm colors to show warm, comfortable atmosphere. The bathroom, study more suitable selection of marble, Eau elegant of cool colors, usually white, pink marble kitchen and bathroom, gives a sense of clean, bright and Simplicity. With several colors of stone mosaic decoration den or sitting room, to the owner with a warm feeling. Bedroom decoration selection and stair treads are depends on consumer preferences, marble or granite can be used. When the table decoration, such as window sills, Vanity, stove, coffee table, etc., in addition to kitchen countertops, granite coffee table surface is best to use, the other is appropriate to marble countertops, can be bright color colorful flower pattern green, Large gray, big leaf green, rosin jade and other varieties.

Stair treads产品热销城市:山东,烟台,莱州,龙口,招远
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